With today’s overwhelming clips on cats, cooking hacks and YouTube pranks, it comes as no surprise that moving media is more relevant than ever in the digital world. Video is one of the most powerful tools in content marketing, garnering an increase in recent years, with Google and Facebook algorithms promoting the use of audiovisual, which means video content winds up higher in searches and feeds.

Consider the figures: video content accounted for 80% of consumer internet traffic in 2019 and 87% of online marketers use it. Social media clips generate shares of up to 1200% more as opposed to content with text and images combined. Video is certainly at the heart of a winning marketing strategy as we meet an increasingly mobile future. In other words, if you’re trying to work out a better marketing approach, now’s the perfect time to invest in video content for your business and not just any content – high-quality at that!

Still unsure? We’re here to guide you with the top 10 reasons why you should prioritize quality video content in your marketing strategy.

1. Videos engage people and attract attention

Visual content is key to good engagement and videos are no exception. It’s an obvious fact that moving media puts your product and services in action better than merely words and imagery. It gives people easier access and comprehension of information with greater effect. Viewers are more likely to engage, like, share and comment on videos than any other social media posts especially if the clip is well-produced and highly relevant to the content.

2. Videos maximize SEO

Videos aren’t just great for engagement. They can also boost your SEO and site rankings, and we all know how important it is to stay in tip-top shape when it comes to search results! Assuming you’ve already got your SEO strategy in place, it’s good to know that videos bring a 157% increase in organic traffic from Google. Plus, videos keep people on for longer and the amount of time a visitor spends on your webpage is a very important ranking factor in Google’s search algorithm which is why video content is highly promoted. So yes, you can improve your chances of landing on the first page of Google if you’ve got a superior video on your web page.

3. Videos are rich in content

If “a picture is worth more than a thousand words”, imagine what a video is worth! Every second delivers such huge amounts of information to the brain as it activates several senses. Quality video content offers richer and more dynamic user experience and ultimately enabling people to digest information with better effect.

4. Videos increase conversions

Studies show that about 85% of consumers who watch product clips are more likely to buy. People tend to watch product review videos before actually making a purchase, and surveys show that a lot of shoppers are convinced to buy a product or service after watching a brand’s video campaign. Today, video is the new norm and it’s apparent that videos increase conversion rate more than any other content. Take advantage of this benefit by creating calibrated clips that won’t’ disappoint.

5. Videos provide greater insight with high trackability

Video is a linear medium by nature, making it easy to measure click-through rate, how many times and how long the viewer watches your video. It’s vital to keep track of these factors as there is a BIG difference between someone pressing play and watching 5 seconds against someone watching your product demo all the way through. Keep people hooked with top quality media and make sure to monitor various analysis tools so you’ll know what works and what doesn’t, allowing you to make necessary adjustments based on the results.

6. Videos are easily accessible

Gone are the days when producing video content takes off a huge chunk of the marketing budget. Constant advancement in technology has allowed much more cost-effective production solutions that even let you create videos yourself! One of the greatest advantages of video is its versatility. You can easily combine elements such as imagery, animations, music, special effects, voice-over and so much more. Creativity has no limits, and the more interesting and high-quality video content, the better attention and engagement.

7. Videos are simple and educational

Just think about it: would you rather read an entire manual (and more often than not, in very fine print with confusing diagrams) or watch an instructional clip in minutes? Whether it’s a couple of steps on how to cook your favorite dish or complex troubleshooting steps, a thorough video illustration is generally preferred than lengthy text explanation. It’s an effective tool to broadcast and pass on information as it stimulates multiple senses. Studies show that as much as 80% remember video content better than text or audio.

8. Videos are emotional triggers

The fusion of images, sounds, words, facial expressions and music can conjure feelings such as excitement, joy, awe, nostalgia and compassion. With our primal reaction and tendency to feel before we think, we’ve all been influenced by the power of videos – it’s an invaluable force when it comes to acquiring emotional response and connection with your viewers while effectively building trust towards your brand and product. Develop high-quality video content that is aligned to your target audience with a more personal approach to encourage potential customers and drive desired results.

9. Videos are socially popular and intriguing

Video content is one of the best formats to reinforce brand awareness and empower brand presence as it aligns perfectly with the logic of social platforms hence, expanding reach. YouTube is continuously growing and has more than one billion unique visitors each month while Facebook is watching 100 million hours of video daily. Technology consistently advances to promote clips with the increased consumption of video. Just look at the constant adjustments and enhancements to videos being made in the various social networks!

10. Videos generate a higher click-through rate (CTR) in email

Breakthrough with a more personal approach by using videos in email while simultaneously amplifying your open and click-throughs. By doing so, it will encourage the recipient to leave their inbox and perform an action directly on your web page. Using the word “video” in the subject line increases the opening rate by about 20% and video in email has been shown to increase CTR (click-through-rate) by up to 96%. Not only that – email marketing helps you build a library of clips you can use across social media platforms and your website.

Simply put, relevant and quality video content is extremely powerful if used effectively and efficiently. So if you haven’t already started, now’s the time to jump on the bandwagon and explore the

by Titu Sarder
President & CEO